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8 Ways To Read More Books In The New Year

8 Ways To Read More Books In The New Year

Are you determined to read more books next year? Here are 8 ways to read more books in the new year.

1. Turn off the television.


Because those hours sitting in front of a screen watching stories could easily be hours in front of a book reading stories. FYI: You will enjoy reading more than channel-surfing.

2. Give the smartphone a rest.


You probably spend more time on it than you think. Pick up a book instead of texting, taking calls, checking social media, or endlessly scrolling.

3. Join a book club.



If you’re a social animal, then book clubs are a great way to meet new friends through a mutual love of books and reading. Basically, a win-win situation. Check out our 10 ideas for hosting a book club and 10 ways to spice up your book club.

4. Get a library card.

So you want to read a lot of new books this year but you’re not rolling in money to buy expensive hardbacks? Solution: Instead of taking money out of your wallet, insert a library card.

5. Join a reading challenge and keep track of the books you’ve read to keep you motivated.


Join Goodreads to participate in their annual reading challenge. It’s an easy way to set a goal for the number of books you want to read and keep track of how many books you have read during the year.

6. Pay attention to page length.


Little books are just as good as big books. If you’re determined to read a high number of books in the new year, then add a number of short stories, books of poetry, novellas, and graphic novels to your TBR pile. They will balance those 400 plus page novels.

7. Try at least one new author and one new genre.


Sometimes reading slumps happen because you’ve read the same author or the same type of book one time too many. Be brave and try something out of your comfort zone. You may feel out of place at first, but be patient: you may just discover a favorite new voice or genre, one in which you will feel compelled to read more.

8. Read every single day, even if it is just a little bit.


Because a little bit adds up.

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