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The Soulful Leader: New Book Champions Leadership Based On Authenticity, Integrity And Empathy

The Soulful Leader: New Book Champions Leadership Based On Authenticity, Integrity And Empathy

A new book The Soulful Leader provides poignant and practical examples of Dr. Ciaramicoli’s ground-breaking AIE (authenticity, integrity and empathy) leadership platform for leaders in all industries to help them successfully optimize the potential of employees. Dr. Ciaramicoli has developed this approach during 35 years of consulting with and counseling leaders in business, education, politics, and on athletic teams. His communication and leadership groups have been ongoing for over 30 years, which has allowed him to study the personal characteristics that lead to excellent leadership skills. His pioneering approach offers new promise to a society struggling with fear and doubt about those in powerful positions. In this one-on-one with the author, Arthur P. Ciaramicoli explains the traits and temperament of a Soulful Leader.

What are the characteristics of a Soulful Leader?

A soulful leader lives with purpose and expresses a desire to be of service. He or she is not primarily motivated by status or image but has a natural interest in making the most of all they encounter. Soulful people lead with passion, and they are intimately aware of the structure of their organization. They are interested in motivating from the bottom up, not from the top down.

Why is it so important to be authentic in business?

Authenticity attracts others and creates a sense of connection and security, which enhances a sense of trust to negotiate and work together. Pretense does the opposite.

What is the definition of Performance Addiction?

Performance addiction is the belief that perfecting appearance and achieving status will bring love and respect. It is an irrational belief system that begins in one’s family and is reinforced by cultural expectations.

How is empathy different than sympathy?

Sympathy rushes in to console based on identifying with another person, assuming rather than knowing. Empathy is fact based, truly understanding the unique experience of another, not based on one’s own history but the unique situation or experience of another.

Why is love so elusive for corporate leaders?

Many corporate leaders know how to achieve but have never developed the skills necessary to create and maintain intimacy. To be close to others we need to be open to being vulnerable, an emotional state leaders often fear for they view vulnerability as a sign of weakness.

What is Soulful Listening?

Listening beyond the surface, into the heart and soul of another with empathy guiding the way.

How is a Soulful Organization created?

A soulful organization is created by a leader who is empathic, a great listener, highly ethical with high integrity, authentic, humble yet confident, happy yet intensely serious when needed, which results in employees being committed to the organizations vision when the leader is present and when he or she is absent.

How does giving to others change brain chemistry?

Giving to others creates “helper’s high,” releasing feel good chemicals that produce happiness and joy.

What is Image Love?

Image love is based on superficial attraction to appearance and status. True love is based on loving a person’s character, knowing the other in depth.

How does Soulful Listening create trust and generosity?

Soulful Listening produces the release of the near miracle neurotransmitter oxytocin, which is called the love hormone, creating trust and a willingness to connect.


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