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The Best Book Lights For Reading At Night

The Best Book Lights For Reading At Night

These best book lights for reading at night include lightweight, rechargeable clip on lights, wall mounted lights, neck lights, light bars, bedside table lamps, and floor lamps. Shine a light on your pages, whether it’s paperbacks or eBooks, and prepare to stay awake all night reading (without bothering your sleeping partner!) with these best book lights for reading at night, especially in bed in the dark.

The best book lights for reading in the dark


VAVOFO Rechargeable Reading Light

This clip on rechargeable book light includes 9 kinds of lighting modes and color temperatures plus a 360 degree flexible neck. One customer said, “reading a good book next to your sleeping spouse without disturbing them is priceless!” Starting at $13.99 from Amazon.


Vekkia Bookmark Book Light

This rechargeable clip on light is easy on the eyes, made from a super lightweight design, and offers up to 20 hrs of continuous illuminating for your reading material. One reviewer said, “I had been using another device that had a very harsh light and would only shine on about 3/4 of a single page. This light is just the opposite. It’s a gentle light and shines on both pages. Also, I can turn the pages easily without having to readjust the light.” Starting at $26.99 from Amazon.


Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed

This super affordable clip on book light promises that it’s “wide enough for reading, narrow enough for privacy” and features 25 hour run time. One customer said, “I love that it is sturdy, but lightweight so that I can use it on paperback books…” Starting at $9.99 from Amazon.


Dewenwils USB Rechargeable Book Light

A multipurpose rechargeable book light that can also be used as a bookmark or mini flashlight. One fan said, “It’s so small and lightweight and the clip is strong. It’s perfect even for small paperback books. Many other book lights have a big bulky clip that gets in the way. This is thin and streamlined. The dim option is a plus as well.” Starting at $11.99.


LED Clip On Reading Light

The last clip on reading light on our list features 3 levels of light intensity, a 360° flexible goose neck, and offers a wide clamp opening so you can clamp the light not just to your book but on a headboard, desk, or even a reading chair. Alternatively, place and use it on a flat surface. One customer said, “You can clip this little light anywhere. I have clipped it on my headboard so I can read and not wake up my husband.”


Wall Mounted LED Reading Light

This wall mounted LED reading light is dimmable and 360° rotatable and features a fashionable art deco design. One fan said, “Easy to charge and operate. We love that they are dimmable and move around to face the light just where you need it.” Starting at $35.99 on Amazon.


Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

This bestselling, rechargeable LED neck reading lights includes different color modes and 6 different brightness modes and promises that “it is bright enough to the area you positioned and at the same time dim enough to not disturb your sound asleep partner.” One customer said, “The neck ring has a soft padded area in the back that adds comfort when you are wearing it.” Starting at $19.99 on Amazon.


Reading Lights for Books in Bed Stick

This rechargeable amber reading light is easy on the eyes, sticks on any surface, is easy to install and portable. One customer said, “Shockingly long battery life too. Rarely charge mine at all.” Starting at $23.99 on Amazon.


LED Desk Lamp

This bedside lamp includes 3 dimming levels and 360-degree gooseneck design. One customer said, “We bought two so that my husband and I both have one on either side of the headboard shelf. It is perfect for reading and also for giving us the extra light we need when doing other things in the room.” Starting at $22.99.


OttLite Natural Daylight LED Flex Floor Lamp

This versatile floor lamp has an adjustable neck, sleek design, and brings the power of natural daylight indoors. Also available in white. One customer said, “I placed it right next to my bed and am so pleased with it. The lamp is flexible so that I can adjust it so that it points directly at my book and it gives out great light.” Starting at $109.99.

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