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  • Interview With Jere Krakoff, Author Of The Chameleon Shuffle

    Interview With Jere Krakoff, Author Of The Chameleon Shuffle0

    Is he Liberal? Or is he Conservative? The highest judge in the land can’t make up his mind. In The Chameleon Shuffle, a Supreme Court Justice involuntarily changes his judicial philosophy every few days. The author Jere Krakoff talks to Book Glow about his satirical novel. Describe the book in one sentence. The Chameleon Shuffle

  • 5 Books Every Law Student Should Read

    5 Books Every Law Student Should Read0

    Are you thinking about studying law? One of the best ways to learn about a subject, especially a complicated one, is to read about it. Every law student should read these fiction and nonfiction books. 1. The Trial by Franz Kafka “The Trial is a novel written by Franz Kafka from 1914 to 1915 and

  • 5 Must-Read Novels For Political Junkies

    5 Must-Read Novels For Political Junkies0

    Political junkies should add these 5 must-read novels to their to-be-read lists. 1. 1984 by George Orwell “Winston Smith, a member of the outer Party, spends his days rewriting history to fit the narrative that his government wants citizens to believe. But as the gap between the propaganda he writes and the reality he lives

  • 5 Must-Read Satires

    5 Must-Read Satires0

    These five biting, thought-provoking, and profound satires should be added to your to-be-read list. 1. The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass “The greatest German novel since the end of World War II, The Tin Drum is the autobiography of Oskar Matzerath, thirty years old, detained in a mental hospital, convicted of a murder he did