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Stephen Spotte’s Scientific Word Of The Week: Murmuration

Stephen Spotte’s Scientific Word Of The Week: Murmuration

Stephen Spotte is a marine scientist and writer. He has published 19 books, including four volumes of fiction, a memoir, and a work of cultural theory. He is a Certified Wildlife Biologist of The Wildlife Society and also holds a U.S. Merchant Marine officer’s license. His popular articles about the sea have appeared in National Wildlife, On the Sound, Animal Kingdom, Explorers Journal, and Science Digest. As a life-long researcher, Stephen holds a soft spot for the possibilities of science’s astonishing unrealities to be mined and their contents allowed to metamorphose into strange shapes and patterns in his fiction writing.

murmuration (n)

a flock (birds) or school (fish) moving in synchrony in a mesmerizing, pulsating, wavy pattern, putatively to confuse predators.


Example: Around us a murmuration of starlings dipped and dived.


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