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Review: Rosemary In Bloom: Love In The Midst Of War

Review: Rosemary In Bloom: Love In The Midst Of War

A tale of love in the midst of World War II, between 1942-1950. Inspired by a true story, this touching love story between Rosemary and Albert who fall in love began from their meeting at Paddock club. Their love is soon derailed by Albert’s noble patriotic duty, and Rosemary’s fear of being abandoned and alone. Can love conquer all?

Rosemary in Bloom by Khristy Reibel

Rosemary Ruhrmann is a spunky blue eyed beauty who only wants to have security in her life. With a father who is sickened with tuberculosis, and is staying at a sanatorium, her older brother Junie enlisting for the war effort, she has fears of abandonment, and yearns for stability and security.

Albert Jedoga enters her life and is immediately smitten, falls in love with her, and proposes marriage, knowing full well, he too, is enlisting.

Rosemary is unable to accept Albert’s proposal and cannot promise to wait for him even though she is truly in love with him. There’s no guarantee that he will make it out of the war.

Years go by, with no word from Albert and his status or whereabouts. Rosemary tries to move on with her life. She meets very charming Harry Connor who promises all of her wants; home, family, love, and security. Unfortunately, Harry’s idea of home and family is quite different from Rosemary’s.

Life is complicated, it meanders through hills and valleys and Rosemary makes the best of the choices she’s made.

Kristy Reibel captures the hardships of life experienced during WWII. What it was like for folks who were left behind to pick up the pieces after so many young men sacrificed their lives for patriotic duty. Great character development and story telling from both Rosemary and Albert’s point of view. The reader can understand and sympathize about their motivations, and feel the spectrum of emotions: hope, love, frustration, and anger. I enjoyed the realness and harshness of life depicted, I very much also appreciated the positive aspects of the novel.

Cherry Ong
Cherry Ong

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