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Review: In An Empty Room Shows Glimpse And Aftermath Of War For Soldiers

Review: In An Empty Room Shows Glimpse And Aftermath Of War For Soldiers

I have decided not to post the blurb to this book as I feel it gives something away from the enjoyment of the story. I think some people might say it gives away a bit too much of the story. However, should you wish to read the blurb it can be seen here.

In an Empty Room by Stephen Spotte

This is not the type of book I normally read but as I am trying to broaden my horizons this year I decided to give it a whirl. The book starts off with a group of soldiers searching for hidden enemies and weapon stashes during the Vietnam War. We are told the story through the viewpoint of a group of soldiers over a short number of days during the conflict, and afterwards when their part in the war has run its course.

Once I had settled down with this it was a very quick read and I am delighted that I gave it a chance. The author very much won me over after my initial worries. The author’s experience in science shines through at various stages, especially when LT is at the forefront. These sections were some of my favourite parts of the book, and I found myself going back to look at some of them again having finished reading.

This is not to say that LT is the only interesting character we see. I found each viewpoint character to be incredibly interesting, each giving their own specific insight to the conflict itself, perhaps giving us a glimpse of what conditions even today’s soldiers are working in.

Without the blurb it is hard to go into too much detail but I found the second half of this novel (the part after the war) to be a step up from the first part, which showed the aftermath of the group’s search for the enemy. The book truly came alive in this section.

Overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Don Jimmy
Don Jimmy

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