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13 Reasons Why Dogs Love Books

13 Reasons Why Dogs Love Books

We’ve shown you why cats love books. Now we turn our attention to man’s best friend. Here are the top reasons why dogs love books.

1. The first obvious reason is because all those books belong to you.


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2. Plus when you read a book your best friend enjoys two favorite activities: a cuddle and a nap.


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3. Bonus: A calm and happy reader makes a calm and happy pack.

4. FYI: Books also make good pillows.


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5. And chin rests.

6. And ear rests, apparently.

7. Whoops. And chew toys.

8. Now there’s a book you can sink your teeth into!


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9. Just kidding. They’re supportive of your reading habit (and won’t eat your book) as long as they get to hang out with you while you devour those pages.

10. It’s true: Dogs make great reading buddies.

11. And bookshelf guards.

12. And book stands, if necessary.

13. For all you know, your dog can read.


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