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One-On-One With BeautifulPayne’s Book Club

One-On-One With BeautifulPayne’s Book Club

Fun, social, unique, and centered upon every book lover’s most cherished activity—reading books!—book clubs bring bibliophiles together. In this one-on-one interview, Book Glow talks exclusively to the members of BeautifulPayne’s Book Club in Chicago, Illinois.

What year was BeautifulPayne’s Book Club founded?


Describe the club in a few sentences:

BeautifulPayne’s book club is a place where women from different backgrounds are able to connect and adhere to a sacred level of vulnerability. Everyone agrees this book club is a resting place for the “strong and brave”, as it allows a space for various forms of feminine expression. We laugh, we share, we advise, and most importantly, we support our feminine cluster of dynamic women.

How many members are in the club?

8 members

How often do you meet?


Where do you meet?

We select different locations in the city of Chicago to heighten the experience.

How do you select books to read?

We purpose the books monthly and vote on the final selection.

How many books does the club usually read per year?

7 books. We break for the spring and summer. We are in session during fall and winter hibernation.

Any club rules?

You must read the books and be open to answering the topic questions presented at each club meeting.

Do you serve drinks at club meetings? If yes, what’s a club-recommended drink?

We serve wine or buy libation at the designated location.

Do you serve food? If so, what’s a club-recommended dish?

We serve small bites or buy food from the designated location.

What are your club’s tips and recommendations for someone who is thinking about starting or joining a book club?

Just do it! There are more book lovers in the world looking for a community that supports reading and vulnerable conversation.

It’s Top 5 Time! We put together 10 Ideas For An Incredibly Fun Book Club and 10 Ways To Jazz Up Your Book Club. What are your book club’s top 5 ideas and recommendations for maintaining a fantastic book club?

1. Communicate with members in between the book by providing fun facts about the book.

2. Make sure everyone is committed to participation.

3. Select books that are more of a community vote.

4. Try to connect the books to personal experiences and provide a safe space for people to share.

5. What is discussed in the bookclub should not be shared outside of the sessions.

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