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Interview With Gregory R. Piché, Author Of The Four Trials Of Henry Ford

Interview With Gregory R. Piché, Author Of The Four Trials Of Henry Ford

In Gregory R. Piché’s new book, The Four Trials of Henry Ford, four landmark court cases reveal the dark side of Ford’s legal clashes and the quirks of his character and personality that ushered his image in the public’s imagination from mechanical savant and populist sage to isolated, imperious bigot. The author Gregory R. Piché talks to Book Glow about the book.

Describe the book in one sentence.

The Four Trials of Henry Ford by Gregory R. Piché

A story about a wealthy narcissist businessman who aspired to popular acclaim and respect and the Presidency of the U.S., but ultimately descended into a deep, foreboding and poisonous bigotry, presented through the prism of four titanic courtroom trials in which he was a party.

What led you to write it?

I was struck by the curious parallels between the political climates of 1923-24 and today and the similarities between two wealthy businessmen who wanted to be President.

How long did it take to write?

Three years.

Do you prefer writing in one genre over another?

I prefer to engage in non-fiction writing because I enjoy peeling the onion skin off of an existing but largely untold story.

What book most influenced your life?

My parents gave me copies of the Bobbsey Twin series that I read as a five year old, which led to a life long love of reading.

Where do you write?

In a coffee shop, my office or wherever I can find a friendly surface.

Is there any one thing that especially frustrates you about the writing process?

I intensely dislike the tedious but necessary grammatical corrections and rewrites of existing drafts.

Any advice for novice writers?

Concentrate on learning to construct a gravid, vibrant sentence.

What’s next?

I am interested in exploring the issue of why women kill through an examination of the lives and executions of three women in Oklahoma in 2001.

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