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Finances: Are They Important To Discuss?

Finances: Are They Important To Discuss?

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Some conversations are difficult to have with your partner. One such conversation is about finances. When should you share information about your salary and/or any outstanding loans you may have? Do you even need to share this with your partner? When you make the decision to cohabitate with your partner, are you planning on splitting the living costs evenly? Will you base the percentage each of you owe on your income? Will you share a bank account? What about when you get married? Will marriage change any of your previous answers? These are just some of the important questions that you must ask yourself.

While many of us think discussing finances is awkward, it is very important to have a talk with your partner BEFORE deciding to cohabitate or marry. Research has shown that financial issues can be one of the biggest relationship stressors. Despite any reservations you may have about this topic, be open and honest with your partner so you can enter into the relationship on the same page.

Marisa T. Cohen
Marisa T. Cohen

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