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  • 28 Signs You’re A Book Addict

    28 Signs You’re A Book Addict0

    How much of a book addict are you? If you can relate to any of these 28 signs you’re a book addict, then you’re definitely a bookaholic! 1. When you love a book so much you must own every edition. 2. When one of your favorite activities is reorganizing your bookshelves. 3. When you’re at

  • When Someone Says To A Book Lover “I’m So Bored”

    When Someone Says To A Book Lover “I’m So Bored”0

    When someone says to a book lover, “I’m so bored,” the inevitable response goes something like this: 1. “But what about all these books?” via GIPHY 2. “I have the antidote: it’s called reading.” via GIPHY 3. “Don’t you have a library card?” via GIPHY 4. “Have you ever heard of a library?” via GIPHY

  • When Book Lovers Say “Not Without My Book”

    When Book Lovers Say “Not Without My Book”0

    When book lovers encounter these 10 situations, they inevitably say, “Not without my book.” 1. When you leave the house. via GIPHY 2. When you commute to school or work. via GIPHY 3. When you go to recess or coffee break. via GIPHY 4. Or lunch break. via GIPHY 5. When you have to wait