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  • 10 Must-Read Novels About Professors

    10 Must-Read Novels About Professors0

    These 10 must-read novels about professors feature some of the most well-known professors in literature, from hapless lecturers and eccentric misfits to scapegoated faculty members, and more. Spend some time with your favorite prof with these must-read novels about professors. 10 Must-Read Novels About Professors 1. The Secret History by Donna Tartt Under the influence

  • 10 Fictional Schools From Books

    10 Fictional Schools From Books0

    It’s back-to-school season and we’re ready to hit the books with these 10 fictional schools from books. From elementary schools and primary schools to prestigious prep schools, public high schools, boarding schools (some of which we’d never want to visit in real life!), futuristic virtual schools, and more, prepare for back to school with these

  • 10 Must-Read Campus Novels

    10 Must-Read Campus Novels0

    These 10 must-read campus novels feature students and professors in and around college campuses and boarding schools and will take you back to dorm rooms, lecture halls, common areas, dining halls, and student centers. Get ready to go back to school without the homework (and celebrate back-to-school season!) with these 10 must-read campus novels. 1.

  • 10 Of The Best Back-To-School Books

    10 Of The Best Back-To-School Books0

    The first day of school is always exciting and a little (or a lot) nerve-racking. These 10 best back-to-school books and stories will help ease those first day jitters and get your kids ready for back to school, learning new things, meeting new friends, their teachers, and the new school year. 1. Beach Toys vs.

  • 5 Satirical Books About Academia

    5 Satirical Books About Academia0

    Students, faculty, and alumni of colleges and universities (or any school, for that matter) will enjoy these 5 satirical books about academia. These send-ups and satires of academic life deserve to sit at the head of the class. 1. Changing Places by David Lodge “Changing Places is a hilarious send-up of academic life, intellectual fashion,

  • 5 Must-Read Novels Set In Colleges And Universities

    5 Must-Read Novels Set In Colleges And Universities0

    Remember campus life? The students, the professors, the politics, the shenanigans… Go back to school with these 5 must-read novels set in colleges and universities. 1. Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis “A hilarious satire about college life and high class manners, this is a classic of postwar English literature.” 2. Changing Places by David Lodge