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  • Zola’s Refuge At Médan

    Zola’s Refuge At Médan0

    For renowned nineteenth-century French Naturalist novelist Émile Zola, living a full life meant “To make a book, to plant a tree, to have a child.” And, although he eventually achieved each of these objectives, his early years did not look at all promising. His mother and seven-year-old Émile were left practically penniless as a result

  • Unconventional Women: The Wild Lives Of George Sand And Colette

    Unconventional Women: The Wild Lives Of George Sand And Colette0

    Bold and brilliant are terms often used to describe George Sand (1804-1876) and Colette (1873-1954). As it turns out, the two French authors have many things in common besides their celebrated literary production. Because of their character and chosen lifestyle, these feminist icons turned cultural expectations for women upside down. And somehow, despite behaviors which

  • French Writers And The Club Des Hashischins

    French Writers And The Club Des Hashischins0

    The current movement to legalize marijuana brings back memories of earlier historical events which made headline news. “Turn on, tune in, drop out” was the well-known phrase often repeated by Harvard psychologist Timothy Leary to encourage recreational drug use among mid-twentieth century Americans. In the 1940s he began studying the effects of psychedelic substances on