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  • Top 10 Goats In Literature

    Top 10 Goats In Literature0

    These notorious goats in books appear in Greek mythology, Norse mythology, fiction books, nonfiction books, fairy tale stories, and educational books. These top 10 goats in literature are the G.O.A.T. 1. Pan in Greek Mythology Half-man and half-goat with the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, Pan is god of the wild, shepherds, and

  • Top 10 Snakes In Literature

    Top 10 Snakes In Literature0

    These famous snakes in books slither, surprise, and often bite unsuspecting humans. Over the years, serpents have played an important role in literature. Get to know these top 10 snakes in literature. 1. Cadmus in Metamorphoses by Ovid Cadmus, after killing a serpent, “felt his skin hardening as scales grew there, while dark green patches

  • Top 11 Rodents In Literature

    Top 11 Rodents In Literature0

    These rats, mice (and water voles!) from books will a-maze you. Just don’t get caught in a mouse trap, and avoid all rats’ nests, with these top 11 rodents in literature. 1. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse from The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse by Aesop The Country Mouse lives a simple