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  • Top 10 Most Banned And Challenged Books Of 2021

    Top 10 Most Banned And Challenged Books Of 20210

    The top 10 most banned and challenged books of 2021 honors Banned Books Week 2022, which takes place September 18-24. In 2021 the American Library Association tracked 729 challenges to library, school, and university materials and services. Some of the reasons for the books bans and challenges included LGBTQIA+, sex education, critical race theory, and

  • 10 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall

    10 Books To Get You In The Mood For Fall0

    These 10 books to get you in the mood for fall feature books with cozy, spooky, witchy, and autumnal themes, from campus novels to cider houses, magical circuses to monster-themed horror novels, and so much more. While summer offers an abundance of beach reads and summer romance books, these fall-themed books will get you in the

  • 10 Fictional Schools From Books

    10 Fictional Schools From Books0

    It’s back-to-school season and we’re ready to hit the books with these 10 fictional schools from books. From elementary schools and primary schools to prestigious prep schools, public high schools, boarding schools (some of which we’d never want to visit in real life!), futuristic virtual schools, and more, prepare for back to school with these

  • The Best Keto Diet Books Of 2022

    The Best Keto Diet Books Of 20220

    The best keto diet books of 2022 include books that explain how and why the ketogenic diet works, why you should rethink your daily carb intake, and the benefits of intermittent fasting, plus a large range of keto diet cookbooks from anti-inflammatory, general, and baking recipes to squeaky clean keto and dirty keto recipes, and

  • 10 Must-Read Campus Novels

    10 Must-Read Campus Novels0

    These 10 must-read campus novels feature students and professors in and around college campuses and boarding schools and will take you back to dorm rooms, lecture halls, common areas, dining halls, and student centers. Get ready to go back to school without the homework (and celebrate back-to-school season!) with these 10 must-read campus novels. 1.

  • The 10 Best Car Books For Anyone Who Loves Cars

    The 10 Best Car Books For Anyone Who Loves Cars0

    These 10 best car books for anyone who loves cars include primers describing the most important car parts and how they work, automobile history, car-themed fiction, memoirs by car lovers and race car drivers, speed secrets, and coffee table books featuring the 100 greatest cars. Auto enthusiasts and everyday drivers will want to fill up