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15 Beautiful Book Cafes Around The World

15 Beautiful Book Cafes Around The World

Calling all book, coffee, and travel lovers! You will want to visit all 15 of these beautiful book cafes around the world.

1. Merci Used Book Café, France

2. Panta Rhei & Café Dias, Slovak Republic

3. Bauhaus Books & Coffee, USA

4. Brown Books Cafe, Japan

5. Tmol Shilshom Cafe, Israel

6. Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore, Australia

7. The Reader’s Cafe, USA

8. Bridge Books, South Africa

9. Cook and Book, Belgium

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10. Paludan Bogcafé, Denmark

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11. Cafe Illiterati, India

12. Libros del Pasaje, Argentina

13. Albion Beatnik Bookstore Cafe, UK

14. Cafe Comma, South Korea

15. Booktalks, Greece

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