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    An associate professor of French and Comparative Literature, Jayne R. Boisvert has visited many different areas of France and the Francophone world over the years. Her easy-to-use guide devoted to Paris, Pilgrimage to Paris: The Cheapo Snob’s Guide to the City and the Americans Who Lived There, includes travel tips, main attractions, free (and nearly free) things to do, shopping, museums, churches, cafes, and restaurants. The book also provides short biographies and addresses associated with famous Americans—writers, journalists, politicians, musicians and performers, artists and architects, and several other interesting people who don’t fit neatly into typical categories—who spent time living la belle vie in the French capital.

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  • Zola’s Refuge At Médan

    Zola’s Refuge At Médan0

    For renowned nineteenth-century French Naturalist novelist Émile Zola, living a full life meant “To make a book, to plant a tree, to have a child.” And, although he eventually achieved each of these objectives, his early years did not look at all promising. His mother and seven-year-old Émile were left practically penniless as a result

  • Unconventional Women: The Wild Lives Of George Sand And Colette

    Unconventional Women: The Wild Lives Of George Sand And Colette0

    Bold and brilliant are terms often used to describe George Sand (1804-1876) and Colette (1873-1954). As it turns out, the two French authors have many things in common besides their celebrated literary production. Because of their character and chosen lifestyle, these feminist icons turned cultural expectations for women upside down. And somehow, despite behaviors which