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5 Must-Read Memoirs By Chinese American Authors

5 Must-Read Memoirs By Chinese American Authors

Funny, moving, courageous, and all-telling, you should place on your TBR list these 5 must-read memoirs by Chinese American authors.

1. Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir by Eddie Huang

“This is the story of a Chinese-American kid in a could-be-anywhere cul-de-sac blazing his way through America’s deviant subcultures, trying to find himself, ten thousand miles from his legacy and anchored only by his conflicted love for his family and his passion for food. Funny, moving, and stylistically inventive, Fresh Off the Boat is more than a radical reimagining of the immigrant memoir—it’s the exhilarating story of every American outsider who finds his destiny in the margins.”

2. Where the Past Begins: Memory and Imagination by Amy Tan

“From New York Times bestselling author Amy Tan, a memoir about finding meaning in life through acts of creativity and imagination.”

3. From Tea to Coffee: The Journey of an “Educated Youth” by Cheng Wang

From Tea to Coffee is the story of struggle and triumph during China’s modern-day cultural and political drama, and is a rare and personal account that showcases the Chinese national psyche. Like all political movements of the past, the Cultural Revolution was not the first of its kind, nor quite possibly the last, yet Cheng Wang, now at home in both America and in China, maintains an optimism that is rare and welcome in confronting today’s social polarization in the East and in the West.”

4. Out of the Gobi: My Story of China and America by Weijian Shan

“Weijian Shan’s Out of the Gobi is a powerful memoir and commentary that will be one of the most important books on China of our time, one with the potential to re-shape how Americans view China, and how the Chinese view life in America.”

5. On Gold Mountain by Lisa See

“Lisa See chronicles the one-hundred-year-odyssey of her Chinese-American family, a history that encompasses racism, romance, secret marriages, entrepreneurial genius, and much more, as two distinctly different cultures meet in a new world.”

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