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5 Books You Should Read If You Love The Big Lebowski

5 Books You Should Read If You Love The Big Lebowski

Looking for a page-turner to satisfy your inner Dude, or Duder, or el Duderino (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing)? Set aside the Thai stick and dig into these five Big Lebowski-esque masterpieces.

1. The Doubly Dead Angel-Thief by Marc Whelchel

Colorful characters? Check. A blurry-eyed protag out of his element? Check. The 20 best bones, or clams, or whatever you call them that you’ll ever spend? Mark it, Dude.

2. Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon

The “laziest man in Los Angeles County” would get along swimmingly with the most stoned, Doc Portello, the amateur P.I. who smokes and stumbles his way to glory in this countercultural gem.

3. The Dog of the South by Charles Portis

All the Dude ever wanted was his rug back. All Ray Midge, sort-of-hero of this cult classic, ever wanted was his car back. And his wife. Sort of. Goes well with some Credence and a strong Caucasian.

4. The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

Never mind that it ranks among Time magazine’s List of 100 Best Novels. The real reason The Big Sleep isn’t exactly a lightweight? Its plot and style were the inspirations for your favorite Coen Brothers’ crime comedy.

5. The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

Grab some burgers, some beers, and get ready for a few laughs as you peruse the pages of this historical novel set out West where the weeds come tumbling down. A film adaptation is scheduled for 2018, so now’s the time to carl Karl Hungus to fix the cable.

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