25 Words For Book Lovers

25 Words For Book Lovers

“We live for books.”―Umberto Eco. What do you call a lover of books? The definition of a book lover is someone who loves (and usually collects) books. If you’re a person who is passionately enthusiastic about booksotherwise known as a bibliolateryou should know these 25 words for book lovers.

1. Abibliophobia

the fear of running out of reading material.

2. Bibliobibuli

people who read too much.

3. Bibliognost

one that has comprehensive knowledge of books.

4. Biblioklept

a person who steals books.

5. Bibliolater

a person who is passionately enthusiastic about books.

6. Bibliomancy

the practice of foretelling the future by interpreting a randomly chosen passage from a book.

7. Bibliomania

a passionate enthusiasm for collecting and possessing books.

8. Bibliophage

a book-eater, or devourer of books.

9. Bibliophile

a person who collects or has a great love of books.

10. Bibliopole

a person who buys and sells books, especially rare ones.

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11. Bibliosmia

the smell or aroma of a good book.

12. Bibliosoph

one who is particularly knowledgeable about books.

13. Bibliotaph

one who “buries” books by hiding them, locking them away, or otherwise shutting them up and keeping them from use.

14. Bookarazzi

a person who excitedly takes photos of the books they read and posts them online.

15. Book-bosomed

someone who carries a book with them at all times.

16. Epeolatry

the worship of words.

17. Hamartia

a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine.

18. Librocubicularist

a person who reads in bed.

19. Logophile

a lover of words.

20. Omnilegent

reading, or having read, everything.

21. Readgret

the feeling of fury or sadness for putting off reading a certain book until now, when you should have read it years ago.

22. Scripturient

having a strong urge to write.

23. Scrollmate

an author with whom a reader feels a deep connection.

24. Shelfrighteous

a feeling of superiority about one’s bookshelf.

25. Tsundoku

buying books but never reading them so that they pile up in one’s room.

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