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15 Things You Should Know If You Want To Date A Reader

15 Things You Should Know If You Want To Date A Reader

So you want to date someone who loves to read? These are the 15 things you should know if you want to date an avid book reader.

1. Our idea of a perfect date is a trip to the library.

2. We need plenty of quiet time when we read, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snuggle up to us while we do it.

3. We’re not party people. Membership to a local or online book club is our idea of being social.

4. Forget saying we look good, instead compliment our bookshelf.

5. We’d rather read the book than watch the movie. And we hate television.

6. Fictional characters mean a lot to us. Some of them feel like best friends and family, which may seem odd to you, but deal with it.

7. We might not talk to you again if you say you think reading is boring.

8. We’re scared of non-readers.

9. Reading the same book at the same time, and then talking about the book, now that’s our idea of romance.

10. Gift-giving is easy for people like us: give us books!

11. If things get serious, then don’t be surprised if we have a literary-themed wedding.

12. And a pet or kid named after a fictional character.


13. Because we read so much, we’re actually quite smart. Don’t be surprised if we start talking about something you’ve never heard about. Subject matter will vary, depending on what we’re currently reading. Please don’t be intimidated.

14. Studies have shown reading fiction improves empathya plus for you. It means we are kind human beings.

15. Want us to love you back? Pick up a book.

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