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15 Perfect Book Bags For Stylish Bookaholics

15 Perfect Book Bags For Stylish Bookaholics

What’s better than a bag full of books? A bag full of books proudly displaying your love of books! Check out these 15 perfect book bags for stylish bookaholics.



3. Steampunk-inspired

4. Good advice!

5. A Merlin-approved book tote!

6. Because every bookworm needs a wicker woven book bag to take to the beach.

7. Perfect for the reader and defender of all banned books.



10. Side 1

Side 2

11. Classic

12. Suitable for a roll of cash, a pack of gum, film canisters, sunglasses, chap stick and a copy of Geroge Orwell’s 1984.

13. More books? Yes, please!

14. Book-themed clutch bag.

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