15 Festive Book-Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

15 Festive Book-Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

1. This Franny and Zooey ornament made from strips of pages from damaged and discarded vintage copies of the novel no longer suitable for resale.

2. This pack of three mini book ornaments.

3. This comic book ornament.

4. This clay bookworm ornament.

5. These retro fabric library card ornaments.

6. This The Hobbit recycled book page glass ornament.

7. This personalized book club ornament.

8. This recycled paper ornament.

9. This Jane Austen books ornament.

10. This Gone With The Wind paper flower pomander ornament.

11. These book origami ornaments.

12. This recycled book page cube.

13. These miniature leather book ornaments.

14. This¬†Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland handcrafted wood ornament.

15. This metallic gold scallops art deco miniature book ornament.


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