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14 Beautiful Home Libraries

14 Beautiful Home Libraries

These beautiful home libraries are full of inspiring home library decor ideas. Painted with vibrant colors or ultra chic creams and whites, drenched in natural sunlight or sequestered in cavernous nooks, filled with super comfy reading chairs and sofas, library ladders, leafy green plants, framed art, and of course vast collections of books, these amazing home libraries will inspire you to create your own dream home library.

14 Beautiful Home Libraries

1. Timeless Elegance

Photo by Jen Wagner

Books plus music plus art equals a timelessly elegant home library. Miniature busts, framed art, a seasonal display, and a Victrola record player accessorize this beautiful bone white wall-to-wall bookcase that contains approximately 1,000 books.

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Mr. Darcy marble bust from the film Pride and Prejudice

Victrola Nostalgic 6-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center with Built-in Speakers

Vintage Framed Canvas Art

2. Monochromatic

Photo by Gwen, The Makerista

This luxurious and contemporary built-in home library pops with color in different shades of red and features a one-of-a-kind watermelon sofa.

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Albany Velvet Loveseat (Blush Pink)

3. Light and Bright

Photo by S. C. Gray and Porter Co. Book Shoppe

Rules for Dating a Bookshop Owner author and Porter Co. Book Shoppe owner S. C. Gray’s home library exudes freshness, lightness, and brightness accessorized with decorative vases, wicker furnishings, and potted plants. 

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Large Rattan Pendant Light

Boho Vintage Cat Tail Woven Plant Stand

Blue and White Bud Vases

4. Purple Mood

Photo by Andrea Granger

This home library is a mood and we love it from the white and brown checkboard rug to the all black wall-to-wall bookshelves to the the matching scalloped asymmetrical purple lounge chairs.

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Deco Wall Fixture

Home Décor Checkered Rug

Jennifer Taylor Home La Rosa Tufted Accent Chair

5. Paper Tower

photo by Good Bones

Forget the ivory tower, we’ll spend time gazing at this paper tower. This floor-to-ceiling walled-in vertical bookcase leads the eye to the room’s beautiful moulded ceiling. The all-black fireplace adds a different block of color to the room, the brass fixtures add shine, and the rough wood floors bring charm.

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Design House Satin Brass Hinges

Windsor Chair

6. Color-Coded Nook

“With the help of a good friend, my husband bought salvaged wood, cut the planks, sanded and painted each one before attaching each shelf to the three walls. They are made to measure – literally,” explains Amy Foster, owner of this custom built color-coded home library nook and author of When Autumn LeavesThe Rift UprisingThe Rift Frequency and The Rift Coda. “It was, much to my husband’s dismay, my idea to color co-ordinate the books. I cared very much about how the space looked. He wanted the shelves to be sectioned according to category – like a bookstore. He also tried to get me to go for an alphabetized by author option. I was determined. I know how incredible it would look and feel to be surrounded by a rainbow of books. Luckily, he didn’t put up much of a fight – likely because he was too exhausted from building the shelves…Every time someone walks into our home, our guests want to sit in that little nook. It’s cozy and perfect on rainy days and sunny days alike.”

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Large Vintage Rainbow Book Collection

Yellow Velvet Pillow

Mario Bellini Leandro Sofa | Ottoman

Tufted Velvet Roll Arm Sofa

7. Sophisticated Circles

Photo by Helene Katrine

No hard edges here, this home library honors circles and curves from floor to ceiling starting from the kidney-shaped rug and round white marble coffee table all the way up to the paper lantern and moulded ceiling.

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Ivory Jumbo Round Paper Lantern

Hand-Tufted Kidney-Shape Modern Designer Rug

White Marble Coffee Table

Polar Bear Armchair

Polar Bear Sofa

8. French Cottage

Photo by Nancy Wilson

“Last year we moved from a large eighteenth century house with classic built-in library shelves into a small stone cottage with nothing of the sort,” explains Nancy Wilson, owner of this cozy home library in France. “Most of our books lived in cardboard boxes piled high behind our bed for nine months. We didn’t know exactly where to put them. Building shelves was an option but with all the other tasks to be done, was not high on our list of priorities. We decided to try to find the right piece ready-made. It used to be that there were furniture stores where one could look for such items, but those seem hard to find these days, especially in the deep countryside of Burgundy, where we have moved. While browsing Pinterest, I found a large bibliothéque for sale. It was exactly the right height and length to fill the back wall of our living room. It was made of inexpensive exotic wood but it was handsome and seemed just the thing to fill the space. My husband had always wanted a nice leather chair so we found that on line as well.”

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Modern Farmhouse Gold Floor Lamp with Metal Shade

Stately Leather Armchair

Distressed Pattern Area Rug

9. A Moveable Feast

Photo by Chalon Handmade

Would you care for a splash of The Grapes of Wrath? We love this idea of a home library set in a dining room and imagine plates of delicious food paired with equally delicious literature.

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Set of 2 Solid Wood Tufted Dining Room Armless Chairs

Olive Farmhouse Dining Table

10. Raise High The Roof Beam

Photo by Christen Pears

This wooden-beamed, pitched-ceiling home library looks like the perfect place to read, reflect, and relax.

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Arches Terracotta Throw Pillow

Classic Wooden Folding Director’s Chair

Faux Fur Rug Chair Covers

Wide Rustic Beam Light

11. Edwardian Charm

Photo by Susan (@myedwardianhouse)

Columns and arches, a deep-seated green sofa and patterned throw pillows, leafy green plants, and a library ladder make this home library more than swoonworthy.

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Margot Loft Sofa

Barn Red Indienne Floral Pillow Cover

Vintage Brass Waterfall Orb Floor Lamp

12. Scandinavian Svelte

Photo by Fabriksen

Cold Nordic winters warm up with expertly placed books, plants, pillows, and colorful works of art juxtaposed to bone white walls, a library ladder, and sofa.

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Confetti Cut Velvet Pillow Cover

Classic White Ceramic Planters in 3 sizes

Mandala Art Prints

Rolling Library Ladder

13. Vintage Penguin Paperback Palace

Photo by Christen Pears

The chair, the cat, the candle, the vintage Penguin paperbacks! We could spend an afternoon (or an entire year) here.

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Vintage Penguin paperback books bundle

Lexicon Leighton Fabric Upholstered Wingback Accent Chair with Pillow

14. Gold-Domed Bibliothèque

Even smaller library collections shine with sophistication and elegance with the right furnishing and accessories, like the gold-domed light fixture shown above.

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Antiqued Brass Dome Pendant Lamp

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