• Well Done! A Sampling Of Sports Writing Gems

    Well Done! A Sampling Of Sports Writing Gems1

    Editor’s Note: David M. Hamlin’s novel Winter In Chicago is now available at Amazon.com. A Facebook friend of mine, a writer of considerable and well-deserved stature, recently shared the first paragraph of a sports story with the observation “I wish I’d written that.”  Here’s what he posted: GLENDALE, Ariz. — Tim Tebow went 0-for-3 in

  • In Praise Of Crime Fiction Sidekicks

    In Praise Of Crime Fiction Sidekicks0

    Editor’s Note: David M. Hamlin confesses to being so fascinated with sidekicks that he folded three of them into his new mystery, Winter In Chicago—a News Director, a cab driver and a quirky husband.  To meet them all, order now. Mystery detective sidekicks are the mystery readers’ best friend.  Sidekicks enable us to know our

  • 7 She Sleuths:  Ladies Of Mystery

    7 She Sleuths: Ladies Of Mystery0

    1. Nancy Drew, the teen-aged grandmother of American lady detectives, authors unknown/anonymous 2. Sunny Randall, Robert B. Parker’s crafty detective, created for a TV show which never materialized but the character lived on 3. Barbara Havers, the challenging assistant detective and foil in the Inspector Thomas Lynley mysteries by Elizabeth George 4. Kay Scarpetta, Patricia