• Spoken Word: “Lidia Klimenko” From War Cries (1)

    Spoken Word: “Lidia Klimenko” From War Cries (1)0

    Editor’s Note: Kerry Arquette’s book of poems, War Cries: Unheard Voices, Unmarked Graves is now available here. After WWII ended Russians who had been arrested and used as slave laborers were required to return to their native country. Those who went back were often viewed as traitors and killed by their countrymen. Suicide, it was

  • 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Book Lovers

    10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Book Lovers0

    Forget the bouquet of roses, your bibliophile sweetheart will love these bookish valentine’s day presents. 1. Pride and Prejudice sugar cookies 2. Romeo and Juliet Valentine’s Day Card 3. Kindle cover case with hearts 4. Book bouquet 5. Wuthering Heights Bookscents Solid Perfume Locket 6. AMORE Soy Candle inspired by Romeo and Juliet 7. Personalized Silver

  • To Date Or To Hookup?

    To Date Or To Hookup?0

    Editor’s Note: Do you want to understand the science behind finding a mate, maintaining long-lasting relationships, or even what makes some relationships doomed to fail? Help your relationships grow and flourish, and have a few hearty laughs along the way. Click here to order Dr. Cohen’s relationship advice book From First Kiss to Forever: A